In the Spotlight at CFEP

At CFEP we value all of our participants, volunteers, and community support. Our Spotlights gives us a chance to shed light on the awesome people and things that happen with our activities!

Happy Birthday Coffee Club

Luna Caffe is a locally owned coffee shop, with owners and employees that make it feel like home! Owner Will Chacon has been a kind and generous host to our group since January 2017 and we cannot thank him and the Luna family enough! Check out this video of how we celebrated our one year Coffee Club anniversary!

When: Mondays: 10am-12pm
Where: Luna Cafe: 604 Castle Street, Wilmington NC

See more details about this event on our Programs Page.

Cobi’s 1 Year Anniversary

February marks the one year anniversary that Cobi joined the Cfep Cooking Class. Since that time he has shown wonderful progress in the areas of grocery shopping and meal preparation. He is now locating aisles in the store using his picture/text based shopping list and is beginning to use the list to select the correct size of container (e.g. 8 oz). In the kitchen, along with two other participants, Cobi receives rave reviews from his family for the main dishes he is preparing to take home for their evening meal. While cooking, he is mastering the use of a manual can opener, measuring dry and wet ingredients, cutting with a knife, gently stirring ingredients, and operating dials on the stove. As seen in the photographs, Cobi’s confidence level is also skyrocketing!

When: (Offered once a month, **Appointment required)
Where: Downtown Area, Wilmington Area

See more details about this event on our Programs Page.

Collage Art Class

Participants work on creating a canvas mural of various shapes and sizes made from assorted fabrics. To date, participants have made hearts, keys, deer heads and more. No sewing skills are required – participants outline the shape, cut sticky backed fabric and place pieces within each design in a collage fashion. Collages are sold and proceeds are used solely to support CFEP.

When: Tuesdays: 1:30pm-3:30pm
Where: Ogden Area, Wilmington NC

See more details about this event on our Programs Page.

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